Enterprise Data

In business, data is power. PLDT ALPHA Enterprise offers its clients corporate-class, high-bandwidth data solutions for both domestic and international situations.

International Data

PLDT operates the largest and most diverse international cable system in the country, connecting the Philippines to the world with bandwidth capacity at more than 270 Gbps as of the end of 2011. PLDT owns and operates three diverse landing stations, the most in the country. These host 4 cable systems: the APCN2 and SMW3 in Batangas; the Asia America Gateway (AAG) in La Union, which is the only direct cable to the US Mainland; and the Asia Submarine-Cable Express (ASE), which is the only cable system to land on the East Coast and the only direct connection to Japan that bypasses the Taiwan corridor. This global-class international infrastructure supports and enables the growth in broadband internet and international data connectivity requirements by both consumers as well as enterprises.


Domestic Data

PLDT operates the most robust and resilient domestic fiber optic backbone in the Philippines. PLDT’s DFON (Domestic Fiber Optic Network) is the pioneering fiber optic backbone in the country and operates 11 self-healing loops further enforced by various third routes, traversing the entire Philippine archipelago from Northern Luzon to Southern Mindanao. It is one of the largest in-country domestic fiber optic backbones in Southeast Asia with more than 4.6 Tbps of operating capacity, lighting up more than 11,100 kilometers of fiber optics. PLDT has also recently invested in 100G technology to further expand capacity. On this foundation, PLDT builds its myriad telecommunication services for business and consumers wherever they may be. PLDT DFON–the pride of PLDT, the envy of competition.


The shared links between the United States and the Philippines include a shared history, mutually beneficial treaties and benefits throughout decades of friendship. PLDT United States (PLDT US Ltd.) was born in 2003 with the same spirit of cooperation, to grow the international retail and top enterprise businesses in America. PLDT’s strategic network of global alliances and advanced infrastructure make us the ideal choice for you to establish cost-effective, reliable connectivity between the Philippines and the United States. PLDT US also offers unmatched Philippine domestic connectivity for resilient interconnection, geographic diversity via three separate cable landing stations, and global-standard service level commitments of best-in-class technology and infrastructure.

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